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the ART of movement

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We live in a world where our air, water, food and soil are profoundly contaminated with heavy metals, the fluoride in the water, the glyphosate over all of the food, chemtrails depositing nanobots into our atmosphere makes it in-escapable to all so detoxing from heavy metals in an ongoing protocol to develop within your life routine. There are various ways to go about this – niacin ingestion, umping on a rebounder and spending time in a far infrared sauna works, hot baths assist in the elimination of mercury

Here is video from Dana Ashley on the chemtrails.

Turpentine Cleanse

Pure Gum Turpentine Cleanse, Pinus Elliotti


5 drops in brown sugar for five days then,

6 drops for five days then

7 drops for five days then

8 drops for five days then

9 drops for five days then

10 drops for 5 days. – TOTAL 30 days.

If your gut can handle the drops you can up the drops a bit quicker and with more intensity.